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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Roller Shutter

Roller Shutters are great home accessories. Apart from the trendiness and aesthetics they add to your home, their functionality in terms of the weather resistance and security they offer can not be understated.

In this article, however, we talk about mistakes you should avoid when installing your Roller Shutter. Make sure to save yourself the future cost of doing repairs and additional maintenance on your Roller Shutter.

Installing a Poor-Quality Roller Shutter

Great quality Roller Shutters can be a tad costly, and so is installation charges. This makes many people want to cut some costs by getting the cheapest Roller Shutter they can find. More times than often, cheap Roller Shutters end up being poor quality.

The Roller Shutter eventually does not meet expectations, being unable to provide the required security, aesthetics, or weather resistance. If you start by installer cheap, poor-quality Roller Shutter, you spend more on fixing, repairs, or new installations later.

Not Hiring Professional Installation Service Company

Another mistake people often make to save costs when installing a new Roller Shutter is hiring unprofessional services to install the Roller Shutter in their homes or business spaces. 

Installing a Roller Shutter can be quite tricky and requires professional, specialized expertise that the average handyman may lack.

When installing a Roller Shutter, make sure to choose a Roller Shutter manufacturing and installation company that prioritizes providing the best value to their customers.

Select a company that has a great reputation and proven track record. Doing this will provide value and save you time and money in the long run, which hopefully, is one of the reasons you’ve decided on a Roller Shutter.

Putting the Wrong Codes

This often occurs when the Roller Shutter manufacturing company is different from the installers. 

Always ensure that you don’t put the wrong code. If you’re not sure about the codes, always talk to the right personnel from the company. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Connection, Electricity and Power Source

In a previous blog post, we talk about common Roller Shutter problems and fixes

Always make sure that when installing your new Roller Shutter, the installer gets all the connections right, there is no power outage, and with the power sources rightly turned on.

Lubrication and Springs


Always make sure that the springs are well inserted in the Roller Shutter. If this is not properly done, the shutter may work too fast or too slow and this may cause technical problems in the future.

Also, make sure that the Roller Shutter parts that need oiling and lubrication are well lubricated and oiled during installation. 

It is important to also see how the lubrication is done so you can do this later on your own as Roller Shutters need to be cleaned and oiled regularly.

Slamming the Roller Shutter

Whether in the process of installing or during everyday use of the Roller Shutter, avoid slamming the Shutter upwards or downward especially before it completely opens or closes.

To avoid reducing the lifespan and durability of your Roller Shutter, always control how you lift it or draw it down.


In this post, we have considered 6 important mistakes to avoid when installing your New Roller Shutter. The most important, however, are your decisions on where to get your Roller Shutters and who does the installation.


Once you get these right, all the other problems are things you won’t need to worry about. Except make sure to learn how to maintain them after the installation and how often maintenance needs to be done.

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