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Bush Fire Shutters: Essential with Climate Change

Bush Fire Shutters Essential with Climate Change


With Accelerating Climate Bush Fire Resistant Shutters are a Must for Any Home

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Facts are facts.

Bush fires in Australia are on the rise.

Year after year.

Hot endless summer after hot endless summer.

Savaging through homes with devastating impact and ruining lives.

And that is exactly why you need to invest in Bush Fire Resistant Shutters to protect your:

Family (most important of all)

Precious home (your most prized asset), and

Treasured belongings like family photos (that you can never replace!)

Climate Change in General (the Hard Evidence)

Climate Change Hard Evidence


When You Digest this Climate Change Hard Evidence You Cannot Deny it Exists!

Shake your head.

Be a denier.

Be a fence sitter.

Be whatever.

The evidence is presented in the infographic regarding climate change.

Climate Change Evidence


This Graph Doesn’t Lie when it comes to Accelerating Climate Change!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes:

“Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.”

And according to NASA the evidence for rapid climate change is compelling with:

  • Global Temperate Rise

  • Warming Oceans

  • Shrinking Ice Sheets

  • Glacial Retreat

  • Decreased Snow Cover

  • Sea Level Rise

  • Declining Artic Sea Ice

  • Extreme Events

  • Ocean Acidification

Just click here to read more evidence on each of these areas.

Need more proof?

The UN News reports here on a flagship UN study showing accelerating climate change on land, sea and in the atmosphere.

And even more?

Check out this great resource by Association for Behaviour Analysis International.

And finally?

Here are some hard truths of climate change (by the numbers) according to Nature if you are still in doubt.

Now let’s talk climate change in terms of bush fires…

The Bush Fire Climate Change Key Findings

Bush Fire Climate Change Key Findings


Listen Closely to the Key Findings for Bush Fire Climate Change

‘This is not normal.’

That is the exact title of Climate Council’s briefing paper which finds that:

“The catastrophic bush fire conditions affecting NSW and QLD have been aggravated by Climate change.”

Again (if you are interested) you can read that briefing paper here.

But let us now (concisely) summarise the key findings for you (from that paper):

1. Unprecedented recent fire conditions in NSW and QLD has been accelerated because of climate change.

And this includes:

– Record breaking drought (recent may be worst in 800 years)

– Very dry fuels and soils

– Record breaking heat (and only getting hotter)

2. Bush Fire conditions are more dangerous now (than in the past).


– Risks to people and property have increased

– Fire seasons have lengthened

– Becoming more dangerous to fight fires in Australia.

3. Opportunities for fuel reduction burning has reduced (with lengthening of fire season).

Making it so much harder to prepared for worsening conditions.

4. Costs of fighting fires are increasing.

As Australia relies on:

Resource sharing arrangements between countries and states and territories within Australia.

5. Government must develop an urgent plan.


– Prepare Australian communities

– Health, and

– Emergency services

For escalating fire danger.

What to Expect in Future with Bush Fires?

What to Expect in Future with Bush Fires


Is it Good News or Bad News in the Future with Bush Fires?


And very sadly…

Bush fires are here to stay.

In Sydney.



Because as reported by NY Times (here):

Climate change continues to accelerate and ‘Irreversible Change is the inevitable result.

And as the infographic shows the number of ‘very high’ or ‘extreme’ fire days could increase by 15-70% by 2050 (Hennessy at al. 2005; The Australia Institute 2007).

Days of High Fire Danger in the Future


Number of ‘Very High’ or ‘Extreme’ Fire Days Could Increase by 15-70% by 2050

Therefore, devastating footage of homes being destroyed is likely to be a trend for many years to come.

But what can you do about it?

You are an individual and not the government.

The most important thing you can do right now is briefly educate and make yourself aware of climate change.

Because as reported by Unesco (here) education and awareness is everything when it comes to climate change.


Rather than putting your head in the ‘sand’ and denying it exists accept the reality that…

Climate change is here to stay for our lifetimes and the lifetimes of generations to come.






That is climate change in a nutshell.

Accept climate change is here to stay and take action today by installing our Bush Fire Resistant Shutters in your property.

You will sleep easier, sounder and ultimately have total peace of mind.

And that is not only for you but for your…

Beautiful family (and nothing is more important than that).

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