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15 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are the perfect guard for your commercial and residential properties.  They are nice looking, cheap, fireproof, weather-proof, insulated from noise, well-fitting, and easy to operate.

A Roller Shutter is deceptively easy to operate, nonetheless it has a complex mechanism consisting of multiple parts that wear and tear easily. This necessitates the regular maintenance.

However, we will not be telling you the old, regular and expensive maintenance. We will be showing you little maintenance tricks to keep your Roller Shutter in the best working condition.

In this list, the general thing you’d need to do is to regularly check on the Roller Shutters to know when there is something going wrong and address the issue on time to avoid deterioration and expensive cleaning later.

1. Watch Out For Overheating

This is one issue that is generally overlooked in electrical Shutters. Consistent usage of a Roller Shutter in a short period can make it overheat easily. This might cause some electronic parts to burn or some other parts to melt.

If you notice overheating in your Shutter, shut it off, if you can unplug it, remove it. Wait for it to cool completely before switching it on again.

2. Don’t Move A Stuck Shutter

A Shutter has several moving parts and any small problems in a Roller Shutter can compromise the security of your premises, and it’s therefore very important you stay on the lookout for any issues.

Since Roller Shutters are made up of various intricate parts, there could be a number of reasons why your Roller Shutters have become stuck. Try to look for the obstacle and remove it. If you can see it, call a professional.

3. Blast It Down With A Hose

You might not have the time to regularly wash your Roller Shutter.  Yet, you surely want it sparkling clean. For a quick wash, you can simply turn on the hose to medium pressure and flush away the loose dirt and dust on the Shutter.

This will give you a nice little cleaning before the proper wash. It can also help you reduce the repaint costs. You can also do this while washing your car hence, killing two birds with one stone.

4.Paint It Over Every Few Years

It’s likely that your shutter is already painted. Although a lot of industrial Shutters aren’t. A paint job makes your building look good, prevents rust, and is easier to wash.

Every other year, you can give it a fresh coat to improve the lifespan of your Roller Shutter friend. You can check our list of ways to decorate your Roller Shutter here.

5. Lubricate

Depending on the type of window Roller Shutter you have, find the appropriate lubrication. It is necessary to schedule routines to lubricate your Shutters. This ensures that the Roller Shutters move smoothly and do not get rusty.

Some of the Shutters have self-lubrication. Whereas others require you to coat them regularly. You can check with your manufacturer for the best lubricant for your Roller Shutter.

6. Clear out the Insects

Insects like making their homes near human residents. Roller Shutters tend to provide the nooks and crannies that wasps and other insects like building nests. These nests could cause jamming and wear in your Roller Shutters simply use an insecticide on the insects, and remove the nest.

If it is a big nest, call the professional exterminators. This should save you money and prevent insect bites.

7. Use A Vacuum Cleaner For Dusting

One of the most irritating things you can see on your Roller Shutter is dust. Yet, most Shutters are always dusty from exposure. It’s easy to clean them.

You don’t have to go the long way of dipping a piece of cloth into warm soapy water all the time.

Sometimes, you can suck up the dust with a vacuum cleaner. This can be a good cleaning before you go all out with the soap water cleaning. This type of cleaning is also ideal for wooden Shutters.

8. Run Your Shutter Regularly

To keep your Shutter in good working condition, ensure you run it at least once a month this is most applicable to Shutters that remain closed or opened for a long time. This will keep the operation of the Shutter smooth.

9. Clear The Guard Rails At All Times.

The easiest way to jam your Shutter is to have something stuck in the guardrails. This could be a piece of curtain, dirt, lint, pieces of potted plants, etc.

They could also wear out the Shutter or make it lose alignment. Always remove the debris as often as possible.

10. Replace Components

If a part of the Roller Shutter comes apart, it can affect other parts. Sometimes, the best fix is to replace the faulty part. If you notice that a part of your Shutter is hindering the smooth operation, call a technician to help you sort that out immediately.

11. Wax Wooden Shutters

After washing wooden Shutters, you can apply beeswax on it after it’s dried completely, this gives it a nice shine and it helps protect the colours from fading. It Also waterproofs the woods. Car wax works well too.

12. Silicon Spray Works Wonders (Only On Metal Parts)

You can apply silicon spray to lubricate the joints and springs of your Roller Shutter. This helps the shutters to glide along the railings and prevents jams and breakages.

Avoid putting silicon spray on plastic parts to avoid breakages. For other parts, you can use light oil, petroleum grease, or lithium grease.

13. Check The Balance

Balance is one of the most important factors in a Roller Shutter. If a Shutter is not balanced, it is one of the worst problems your Shutter can face.

It can damage the entire structure sometimes,  the most obvious is when the two edges of the Roller Shutter are not aligned. It’s best to call a  technician to check it out. You can avoid this by oiling the springs, chains, and clearing the guardrails.

14. Do Not Scratch The Roller

During cleaning, avoid using abrasives to clean your Shutter. No scratching, scraping, or anything of that sort. Also avoid harsh mineral spirits, too much bleach, harsh detergents, and solvents. They damage the polish, and surface of the Shutter.

15. Don’t Hesitate To Call A professional

If something looks out of order, and you can’t find an easy but logical way to solve it, just call a professional service like The Roller Shutter people.

They can give you instructions on what to do or come over and fix it immediately. A professional should also check your Shutter at least once a year (for low-use shutters. More frequently used Shutters should be checked more often.).


The tips we spoke about will help you keep your Shutter running like a song for as long as possible. A small damage can be managed before it gets worse.

If you need more advice, you can reach out to us at The Roller Shutter People. We are the best provider of roller shutters in all of Sydney and the South Coast.

We also provide servicing and after-sales and after-sales services for you. You can call us on 0424 607 797.