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Roller Shutters are built to last and withstand very tough physical conditions, but after a certain period, you will need to repair or replace the Roller Shutter. So, the question now is, how do you decide when it is time to replace or repair your Roller Shutter?

There are certain factors that can help you make this decision, which we will be exploring in the coming paragraphs.

When to Repair Your Roller Shutter?

Here are signs to know you should repair your Roller Shutter.

1.   Strange Noises

One of the age-long signs that you may need to repair your Roller Shutter is hearing strange noises when you move it. Usually, this isn’t a fatal issue but is still an indicator of a problem. The motor can be getting worse or parts of the Roller Shutter getting weaker.

2.   Leakages

Another sign of repair is leakages. This can be for various reasons, such as if the seals are no longer working properly or the Roller Shutter is not fastened properly. Whatever the reason is, when you notice this, you should call the repair people.

3.   Bad alignment

Typically, if you see bad alignment in your Roller Shutter, it is a sign of either poor installation or trauma. It may not cause any major issue but will be aesthetically unpleasant to the eye and make for a generally bad user experience of the Roller Shutter.

When you see these signs, it is always good to tend to them immediately because if it is left to last, the damage can get worse, and you may need to replace instead of repair.

When to Replace Your Roller Shutter?

Here are signs to replace your Roller Shutter.

1.   Weak Appearance

Weak appearance in your Roller Shutter can come in the form of a discoloured appearance, which is usually due to being exposed to physical elements for too long. When they start losing their original colour, it is a sign of old age. So you can consider replacing them because simply redoing the colours won’t work.

2.   Structural Damage

One of the major uses of a Roller Shutter is protection, and structural damage that is visible is a very dangerous thing. It opens your property to robberies. These structural damages can range from rust and corrosion to broken parts. These affect the usability of the Roller Shutter, so endeavour to replace it.

3.   Difficult Operation

If your Roller Shutter has started having difficulties in opening, closing and general operations, you should be thinking of replacing it. Usually, this should be your final resort when you have tried to fix it to no avail because it is a sign of the Roller Shutter getting expired.


At the end of the day, whether you need to repair or replace it is at your discretion, but once your Roller Shutter starts showing signs of expiration, it is better to replace than repair.

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