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5 Assumptions People Make About Roller Shutters


5 Assumptions People Make About Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters.

Full of benefits

Oozing with curb appeal, and ultimately there are…

Assumptions people make when first take taking a glance at Roller Shutters.

Let’s discuss the 5 assumptions people make about Roller Shutters right here and now!

1. Security is Assumed

Security Assumed with Roller Shutters

According to iSelect (read more here) there is:

200,000 burglaries nationwide each year (equating to one every 2.5 minutes).

Therefore ‘security’ is an issue front and centre of people’s minds to provide them peace of mind as discussed here.

And ‘security’ (no surprise) is most often the first thing that enters someone’s mind when seeing a property / business with a Roller Shutter.

Because as discussed here in-depth ‘visually’ Roller Shutters look:


Tough, and

Hard to break.

But ultimately the best thing?

When you are selling, and a buyer views your property with Roller Shutters then you can be guaranteed to:

Sell for More with Roller Shutter Curb Appeal!

2. Protection from the Elements is Assumed

Protection from Elements is Assumed with Roller Shutters

Most Australian’s know of:

Australia’s harsh climate

Accelerating climate change, and the

Increase of Bushfires with climate change.

And so, when they see a ‘robust’ and ‘strong’ Roller Shutter:

A ‘protection’ (from the elements) thought is quickly formed in their brain!

And whether that element be:

Sun & Weather Protection (discussed here), or

Bush Fire Protection (discussed here)…

Protection from the elements……

– Gives people peace of mind (as discussed here).

– Enhances curb appeal (as discussed here), and ultimately

– Helps the average person sleep better at night!

3. Privacy is Assumed

Just look at any Roller Shutter!

Because regardless of:




There is no way any prying eyes can see through and disturb what is on the other side and that is:

The privacy of your precious family home or business.

The Roller Shutter privacy benefit was discussed in-depth here but take it from us:

It’s not a myth (like the Roller Shutter myths we discussed here) because:

Privacy is assumed from just one glance at a Roller Shutter and that is:


4. Modernness is Assumed

Moderness is Assumed with Roller Shutters

This is 2020 and not 1980!

People expect with advances in:


Skills / expertise, and


Moderness at every glance!

And Roller Shutters sure have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1970’s.

It is safe to say the perception back then of Roller Shutters was very ‘dull’ / ‘bland’ but these days with more:


Styles, and


People just expect them to be modern, blend in with their home and instantly boost curb appeal (as discussed here).

5. They Are Well Perceived (Assumed)

Roller Shutters are Well Perceived (Assumption)

Perception is everything.

In fact, what people perceive is their own reality.

And the great news is that most people have seen a Roller Shutter unless…

They have been living under a rock!

Therefore, that person already has a ‘perception’ of Roller Shutters and the best news is that Roller Shutters are well perceived with:

– People often knowing at least some of the 8 benefits of Roller Shutters

– Having some awareness of Roller Shutters curb appeal, and knowing of

– Their importance with protection against bushfires.

A poor ‘overall’ perception is extremely hard to change but thankfully:

Roller Shutters have a good ‘overall’ one.


Assumptions are formed quickly.

Often in seconds.

And they are hard to change!

But when it comes to Roller Shutters you know 5 positive assumptions are often made when it comes to:

– Security

– Protection from the Elements

– Privacy

– Moderness, and

– Perception.

And this should give you total peace of mind in knowing it is not just you that loves your Roller Shutters but:

Wider society too!

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Roller Shutter People are Here to Help You and Gladly

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