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Roller Shutter Décor Ideas

So, you are about to order a new Roller Shutter and you want it to stand out differently from the regular or you have an old one that you want to inject with new life and beauty.

Let us go through some available options on how to make your Roller Shutter stand out and make a statement.

Perforated Shutters customized with company logo

Are you thinking of getting a new perforated Roller Shutter and you are also looking for a way to show people what your company does? Just get a custom perforated Roller Shutter.

These Roller Shutters are created with the logo, name or any other brand identifier of your choice punched into the metal. This is a long-lasting décor that is functional and informative.

They are good for indoors, malls, warehouses and outdoors.

Holiday-themed décor

Have a holiday coming?

To celebrate a special time of the year, you can use your Roller Shutter to join in the festivities. This idea is cheap to execute, and the decorations can be taken down and replaced.

A holiday themed decorate Roller Shutter is easy to achieve. You can simply get some motifs and photos of past holidays you have had.

For example, you can paint your Shutters green, red, white and add lights on them for Christmas or paint it in the national colours for the Independence Day celebration.

This is a good way to connect with your community and show your support for a cause. This is good for the outdoors and indoors.

Employee Celebration

Just like the holiday-themed décor, a company can celebrate their employees of the month, birthday celebrants or other honoured members of your company.

This is great for companies located in rural areas whose employees are part of the community.

This is a great way to appreciate your workers and still decorate your door.


To do something unique and represents your or your company, you can put a nice mural on your Roller Shutter.

You can put a picture of yourself, a quote from a mentor, a painting of an optical illusion or your favourite comic superheroes. The ideas here are endless.

This is perfect for outdoors.

Patterned Roller Shutter

Your Roller Shutter can also bear repeated motifs that form a pattern.

Each pattern can be done in different styles. They can bear cultural symbols like the Southern Cross, personal emblems like family coats of arms.

This can be used in very creative ways to create a unique Shutter for you. A pattern can also be created using elements specific to your brand and business.

You can reach out to us to show you samples of our motifs for your next door. We can also help you create your own motifs and patterns.

This design is great for outdoors, indoors and partitions.



These Roller Shutter Décor ideas should set you on the way to beautifying your space. Not only do you have a beauty space, you can always spice things up.

Your space won’t have to carry the same feel all year round, you can decorate based on the occasion. 

And what’s more? Most of these décor ideas don’t cost you much, they’re pretty much DIY ideas.

You can also check Roller Shutter trends to beautify your home and business with.

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