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Roller Shutter Trends To Beautify Your Space

Gone are the days that Roller Shutters were simply big ugly metal doors that don’t bulge to intruders. Now, roller shutters are more versatile. They are used indoors and outdoors in both commercial and residential buildings. 

With this versatility comes the ability to use your Roller Shutter as a decorative item for your office shop and home. Let’s explore a few trends to help you improve your Roller Shutter game and impress your neighbours.

The trends are divided into two types.

1. The first trend involves the Roller Shutter MATERIAL.

2. The other is a DECORATIVE trend. We will explore some ideas to beautify your shutters with.

Material Trends To Incorporate

See-Through Shutters

If you want to protect your building from noise, dust, and humidity while letting your potential customers see what you do, transparent or see-through Roller Shutters are your best friend. 

They are made from fiberglass and polycarbonate materials. This ensures that they allow light in but keep out particles unwanted, and you can regulate the atmosphere.

They are great for advertising your products, especially if you run a store. Since they are translucent, they can help you continue to promote your goods when you lock the building. 

This type is suitable for building interiors like partitions and mall doors. In places with a significant security presence, it can also be used as exterior doors.

Wooden Roller Shutters

Wooden Roller Shutters are an excellent idea for people looking for something different from the traditional shutters. 

Wooden Roller Shutters give a nice classy accent to any building. Some types of timber also have a pleasant smell that they release into your house.

They are relatively easy to maintain and Great for exterior and interior use.

Climate Friendly Roller Shutters 

Climate change is a problem we have to tackle to have to keep our planet habitable for as long as possible. 

To do this, you can get eco friendly Roller Shutters for your building. These types of Shutters don’t look different from the regular (except  you choose to decorate them that way).

There are various ways of approaching it. You can service and repurpose an old Shutter (well-made shutters can last for a very long time). And don’t worry, it can look as good as new. 

You can also get Roller Shutters made from composite or recycled materials. These shutters will work well on both interior and exterior of buildings.

Grille and Perforated Roller Shutters


Do you want a metal Shutter that still allows light and air? It is a great idea to get a grille or perforated Roller Shutter.

Grilles are bars of iron arranged to allow spaces between them while maintaining structural integrity. On the other hand, perforated metal roller shutters have holes formed into them. 

Unlike the old school grille doors that look gaudy, the new grilles have different designs to choose from. Perforated metal doors also allow you to emboss your brand name or logo into them. 

With these, you can pick a Shutter that reflects your company’s values. Grilles and perforated Roller Shutters  are strong and great for both outdoor and indoor use.

Customizable Roller Shutters

More  people are looking to get specially designed Roller Shutters for their buildings, and so can you. You can ditch the ‘standard’ and choose unique entrance designs.

If your building looks different from the regular or the particular space you want to put the Roller Shutter needs special considerations; you can get a Shutter for it.

To get your bespoke Shutters, contact us, and we bring you the Shutter of your dreams.

Roller Shutter Decorative Trends

Roller Shutter With Art

You know, if you have a regular Roller Shutter door or window, you don’t have to replace it to make it trendy. You can commission an artist or painter to do an artwork that represents your ideals on it. 

This type of décor idea is prevalent amongst institutions that want to attract a younger clientele. This will be a way to keep your building interesting and keep passersby curious and interested in what you do. 

By commissioning a local artist, you will support your community and get new clients to impressed and interested in you.

This is great for external doors. Don’t be surprised if you find people subconsciously advertise your business while posting photos of the cool artworks on the internet.

Roller Shutters With Advertising

A similar Idea to the Roller Shutters with artworks. However, instead of putting artworks, you can just put the company contact details on the shutters. 

This could show them that you are closed, and they should ‘check back on Monday, visit your website, email you, or call your number.’

Now, your potential customers can fix an appointment with you even when you are not open.

One particular advantage these types of Shutter décor has is that it is cheap to make.

Pastel and Bold Coloured Roller Shutters

The world is paying more mind to the calming cake-like aesthetic that pastel colors bring. You can incorporate a pastel color into your home or business building.

Unlike the old times when Shutters were unpainted or painted in a ridiculous shade of red, your Shutter can be well painted and still functional.  

Choose a few solid colors that fit into your company’s scheme and paint them on your Roller Shutter.


You know you don’t have to be regular all the time! Why not spice up your business or home exterior décor with some trendy, good looking, fantastic and yet, totally functional Roller Shutters!

Roller Shutter People are concerned with, and dedicated to your success, security and safety! Contact us today and we’ll uplift your space with a Roller Shutter design that best suits your taste!

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