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What To Not Do To Your Roller Shutters


When properly maintained, a Roller Shutter door can last you a lifetime. To maximize the life cycle of your door, you need to watch out for and change some behaviours that might damage the door or your building.

Together, we will examine three actions that damage your Roller Shutters that you might be guilty of doing and how to correct some of those behaviours.

Do Not Force It When It Is Stuck

One cardinal sin of any Roller Shutter is forcing it to open or close when it is having difficulty moving. This is likely to worsen any damage the Shutter might have sustained.

In addition, you are likely to break unaffected parts of the door.

Do the following if your Roller Shutter is stuck.

First, wear protective gloves and clear and lubricate the guide rails.

  • Oil the visible joints, springs, and guide rails.

  • If it’s still stuck, call the technician.

Don’t Forget To Lubricate The Springs and Guide Rails

Primary to having a properly working Roller Shutter is to properly clean and lubricate the guide rails and springs. This should already be part of your regular maintenance. An unclean and improperly lubricated guide rail can cause jams, breaking of parts, or cause screeching noises when you operate it.

To do this:

  • First, wear protective equipment like goggles and gloves.

  • Lower the Shutter and oil the spring sections using a lubricant. Examples are silicon sprays like WD 40, Wurth HHS 2000, or regular motor oil.

  • Then lift the door and brush out the guide rails. You can clean out the grease with an old shirt or rag.

-Spray some brake cleaner onto a rag and wipe down the guide rail.

  • Proceed to lubricate the guide rails.

  • Remember to do these every three months

Don’t Skip On Having Your Roller Shutter Door Balanced

Balancing a Roller Shutter door involves a trained professional coming to inspect, and correct your doors. This is especially necessary for electronic doors.

If your doors are not properly balanced, the response rate from the trigger will be off, your doors will not open and close properly and it can cause damage to personnel and the building.

The importance of balancing Roller Shutter doors at least every month cannot be overstated, especially industrial doors. We provide balancing and general maintenance services for all roller shutters.

If you observe and abstain from doing the above-mentioned behaviours, we can assure you that your Roller Shutter will be in prime condition to beautify your home and protect your property.

In the End

Remember, if at some point, you’re not sure what to do about your Roller Shutter situation, make sure to call a professional to ask about the best way to go! And guess what? 

You won’t get better proffessionals than Roller Shutter People! We ensure you have the most quality Roller Shutters at premium and affordable prices and we ensure that your Roller Shutter can stand the test of time! Give us a call at 0424 607 797. 

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