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Commercial Roller Shutters


Roller Shutter People manufacture Commercial Roller Shutters according to your Unique Commercial need and requirement.

That’s right…

Roller Shutter People manufacture 100% Rust-Free and 100%  Marine Grade Aluminium Commercial Roller Shutters in any..

  • Width
  • Length, or
  • Height

That Your Business Needs!

Our Commercial Roller Shutters Give Your Business Ultimately 3 Things:

  1. Maximum Safety with an Attractive Look and Appearance
  2. Extreme Ease-of-Use with High Functionality
  3. Protection from the Harshest of Elements, Vermin and Dust.

Thickly coated in double enamel – our extra strong interlocking aluminium slats are guaranteed to stand the test of time – lasting years, years and years!

Our adjustable polyurethane filled slats will beautifully control airflow in your Commercial store by reducing heat up to 95%.

But without a shadow of a doubt…

And as mentioned earlier……

The number 1 benefit of Roller Shutters is that they Maximise Safety and you can read more about that here.

And if you are interested in reading more about the 8 Ultimate Benefits of Roller Shutters then you can read our comprehensive guide here.

And the Best Thing??

Roller Shutter People’s qualified tradespeople will do all the heavy lifting and grunt-work installation for you at an affordable price that will not break the bank (our personal guarantee to you).

We 100% standby our best prices and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and for your total peace of mind…

Please note that both our shutters and motors come with the longest warranty in the business……

A Whooping 10 Whole Years!

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Electric vs Manual

While we totally recommend our super quiet Electric Motored Roller Shutters – please note our Commercial Roller Shutters come in both Electric and Manual.

Whilst you can save some money by purchasing Manual Roller Shutters you may find the ease-of-use­ that comes with using Electric Roller Shutters hard to resist.

The final choice is yours!

Also Note: If you go with Electric then we can supply you with a manual over ride motor to give you peace of mind in case of a power outage.

Looking for Shopfront & Retail Roller Shutters??

If you need more information specifically on Shopfront & Retail Roller Shutters please Click Here to read more.


Please Contact our Friendly Team to Find out More Now about Commercial Roller Shutters or read more about our Premium Roller shutters by Clicking Here.


No Sales Tricks

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Australian (Sydney) Made

Premium Quality

10 Year Warranty

Lowest Prices

Qualified Tradespeople

100% Fully Insured

Mobile Phone Controlled

40 Years+ Experience


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