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Roller Shutter People is a family run, family owned and family proud business with over 40 years combined experience in the Window Shutters Industry. We act as both Installer and Supplier.


We are a premium quality Roller Shutters Company that supplies highly-affordable, highly-modern and highly-durable Roller Shutters to Residential and Commercial Clients across all of Sydney.


Our staff are highly-skilled, highly-experienced and highly-trained to help you make the very best choices for your house or your office – always suited to your exact needs and your exact budget.


We live and breathe everything Roller Shutters – it is all we do and all we know! 

Our installations and repairs all come with total peace of mind with our 10-year Guarantee on both shutters and motors – the longest Guarantee offered in the industry. Whether it’s Sun & Weather Protection, Energy Savings, Noise Reduction, Privacy & Light Control, Bush Fire Protection, Climate Control or Increased Property Value – we Will Help You because We Roll for You!


The extreme “humid” heat.  The “harsh” cold rain.  “Gales” of wind that literally blow you off your feet!  You name it because Sydney has all of those and in droves!  Sydney’s climate shifts from mild and cool in the winter to warm and hot in the summer – in a nutshell this climate can be defined as humid subtropical.

The Challenges:  Maintaining the “unique / modern” look of your beautiful home and ensuring the very best (efficiency wise) from it is not easy!  Your precious property is always at serious risk of long-term damage (from these environmental extremes) and this impacts on how you make the most of your precious space.  What we mean in Plain English: your house can very easily be put at risk by inadequate insulation and poor protection from the extremely harmful and powerful sun.

The Solution:  We supplay, install, and repair a wide range of aluminium roller shutters that you can always count on no matter what time of the year it is!  Whether it be “sweating” during a hot humid summer or trying to keep seriously “warm” during a cold rainy winter – with 40 Years’ experience in the industry we have seen, heard and know it all!

Therefore, You Can be Rest Assured:  That we know precisely what is needed to protect your home from all environmental conditions while ensuring your house is super-modern, super-insulated and super-aesthetically pleasing at the same time!

Total Commitment:  To delivering a highly-superior (premium quality), highly-affordable (best prices) and highly-durable (best materials) roller shutter/s that will Ultimately will Go The Distance.  The Proof?  We give you best / biggest / longest warranty industry wide – 10 Years.

Our Unique Guarantee:  We believe in helping you make the best choice in Roller Shutter/s tailored to your exact needs and your exact budget.  And the Best Thing??  We will definitely install your Roller Shutter/s within 15 Working Days otherwise it is FREE!  That is our “Personal” Guarantee to You.


Comfortably Relax in Your Home:  Installing window roller shutters is an excellent choice because they off offer a lot of flexibility in Sydney’s indifferent humid subtropical climate. Window roller shutters let you be at peace safely protected from heat, rain, storms, wind, dust and any bugs or insects circling your house viciously!

Now Let’s talk Privacy!  Because we all know how important “Privacy” is when you have poured blood, sweat, tears (and ultimately serious $) into your precious home!  Our team totally appreciate the super-importance of protecting your family, protecting your prized possessions and ultimately protecting Your Treasured House – and this is exactly why our outdoor roller shutters are a super-smart and super-best-practice-way to protect your property from burglary, intruders, criminal activity or any unwanted attention. Our roller shutters security features are perfect for residential properties and commercial properties alike. 

Sun Protection / Light Control:  Our modern roller shutters offer superb protection from the sizzling sun!  Once Installed, Roller Shutters easily control the exact amount of light that enters in. Ultimately: easily adjust just how super-pleasantly-warm or how super-pleasantly-cool your place is.

That Leads on to Energy Savings!  Because as a result of protecting your home from the sun you can expect major savings on your utility bills after installing Outdoor Roller Shutters.

Great Noise Reduction:  Even in the most bustling parts of Sydney, you can use your brand new shutters to block out serious noise (not all obviously!) from your street.  Morning, day, night – you name it. Our products are specifically designed to provide you with peace and quiet. Noise is a big problem in Sydney (and only will continue to be with increased population). Your Windows are Absolutely Guaranteed to Seriously Reduce Noise!

Total Solution:  A “Total Solution” that Adds Serious Property Value in Hundreds of different ways – don’t even get us started on naming them (we are sure you can though!).


We absolutely always strive for 5-Star Customer service with high attention to detail, high attention to quality and high attention to servicing your complete needs from A to Z.

That is exactly why we Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are Known For and Specialise in:

  • Professional Hassle-Free Installation
  • Roller Shutter Parts & Repairs
  • Best Prices
  • Best Design

Our Guarantee

We Guarantee you we have the Best Roller Shutters in Sydney, NSW – the best price – the best quality – and ready to install when you are!

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We are a Unique Team of Professionals that absolutely Guarantee all of our Roller Shutters will function perfectly 24/7 365 days of the year – year after year after year. But for your total peace of mind – please note we are on Call 24/7 365 Days of the Year to Assist you with any problems you encounter (and gladly).

No Sales Tricks

No Hidden Costs

Australian (Sydney) Made

Premium Quality

10 Year Warranty

Lowest Prices

Qualified Tradespeople

100% Fully Insured

Mobile Phone Controlled

40 Years+ Experience

100% CUSTOMER satisfaction

Kieran Duffey
Kieran Duffey@kieran.duffey
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Kieran Duffey
Kieran Duffey@kieran.duffey
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Kieran Duffey
Kieran Duffey@kieran.duffey
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Kieran Duffey
Kieran Duffey@kieran.duffey
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We are Totally Dedicated to giving you the Best Possible Price for Your Roller Shutters. Please Check out our Website for Special Offers we Run. Not Only will You Get the Best Price, but our Premium Roller Shutters Will Save You Money Long-Term because of their High-Durability.


We Give You a 100% Guarantee that Your Roller Shutters are Always Delivered 100% on Time and Always 100% Fully Insured. All Our Roller Shutters are all 100% Premium Quality and we are Proud of That. We Offer a Comprehensive 10 Year Guarantee for Your Total Peace of Mind.


We Guarantee All of our Roller Shutters Offer the Highest-Quality, the Highest-Durability and Ultimately the Highest-Modernness. Our Extensive Range is Hand Made at our Local Sydney Factory using only the Best and Finest Materials. Made with State of the Art Italian Motors.


We use Professional, Qualified and Experienced Installers. We Give You a Free Consultation. We Genuinely want Your Experience with us to Exceed Your Expectations – which is precisely why we are on call for you 24/7 and 100% Guarantee Your Total Satisfaction.


Sydney Town is where our Roller Shutters are Made – right here Locally and we are 100% Proud of That

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Electric, Remote and Manual Roller Shutters we sell – and also sell DIY Roller Shutters 

Best Prices, Best Quality and Best 5-Star Customer Service – that is our Guarantee to You

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Our Shutters are 100% Rust-Free and 100% Marine Grade Aluminium. Our Aluminium Interlocking slats are Thickly Coated in Double Enamel to Ensure they Stand The Test of Time. The Adjustable Polyurethane filled slats will Seriously Reduce Heat by up to 95% by Beautifully Controlling Airflow.  We Guarantee our Outdoor Roller Shutters Will Offer You The Highest Levels of Protection.


Save Serious $$$ on Energy

Cool Your House Easily with our Roller Shutters Shielding You from direct sunlight


Be Safe in Your House

The Strongest, The Safest and The Best-Quality Roller Shutters is our Guarantee to You


Block Out Street Noise

Get Beautiful Peace and Quite by Blocking Out Noise, Disturbance and Stress

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