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8 Common Roller Shutter Problems and Fixes

As a leading roller shutter company in Sydney, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong and problems can arise with your shutters.

Do not panic and before you pick up the phone for a potentially expensive emergency callout, you owe it to yourself to check out the 8 most common Roller Shutter problems and fixes below.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 1 Power Source Connections - Roller Shutter People

1. Power Source & Connections

Always check the power source first before checking anything else. Also, check that electrical connections are not loose.

Note: For loose wiring, you should contact us to inspect the supply and connections – leave it to the experts!

  • Is the power source turned on?
  • Are there any lights to indicate the power source is turned on?
  • Has there been a power outage at your property?
  • Are any electrical connections loose?

Fix: Ensure the power source is turned on and use battery back-up temporarily until the power source is working again at your property. Rectify obvious loose connections but for wiring and if in doubt generally – contact us to fix the problem.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 2 Emergency Release Chain - Roller Shutter People

2. Emergency Release Chain

Both manual roller shutters and electric roller shutters have an emergency release chain.

  • When you pull the emergency release chain does the Roller Shutter door respond?

Fix: If your Roller Shutter door is not responding when pulling the emergency release chain then there is a problem with your Roller Shutter, contact us to fix the problem.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 3 Dirt Debris Track - Roller Shutter People

3. Dirt or Debris within the Tracks

Over time a build up of dirt or debris may cause your Roller Shutter not to run as smoothly as it should.

  • Is your roller shutter running slowly?
  • Is your roller shutter making irregular movements?
  • Is your roller shutter not running at all?

Fix: Use of a stiff brush is highly recommended in first instance to clear tracks. Applying grease as a lubricant after that will optimise your Roller Shutter performance.

Note: If in doubt contact roller shutter people – we are highly qualified tradespeople who will inspect your door promptly.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 4 Overheating - Roller Shutter People

4. Overheating

Your roller shutter motor may overheat when used frequently.

  • Have you been using the roller shutter door frequently in a short space of time?

Fix: Allow the roller shutter motor some time to cool down for at least 10 minutes and try again later.  If the issue persists then this may not be the problem and it may be better to contact us to resolve this problem.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 5 Proximity Sensors - Roller Shutter People

5. Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors control the opening and closing of roller shutters.

  • Are your proximity sensors covered in dirt or damaged?

Fix: Shut the power off and ensure your proximity sensors are in the right place and clean from any dirt or debris. If you are unsure and still need help please contact us to resolve this problem.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 6 Dents Damage - Roller Shutter People

6. Dents and Damage

Dents or damage to your roller shutter could interfere with its operation or stop the door from functioning completely.

Note: This is not common in residential roller shutters but can occur with commercial roller shutters with the use of forklifts and heavy machinery.

  • Any visible dents or damage on your roller shutter?

Fix: Best to contact us and leave it to the experts – we are highly qualified tradespeople who will inspect your door promptly.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 7 Clash Of The Code - Roller Shutter People

7. Clash of the Code

The code that automates your roller shutters may conflict with your neighbours that also have roller shutters installed.

  • Does your neighbour have Roller Shutters installed at their property?

Fix: Contact us to resolve this problem – we offer 24 hour call-outs Sydney wide and South Coast wide.

Common Roller Shutter Problem 8 Faulty Motor - Roller Shutter People

8. Faulty Motor

Motor failure can result in total failure of your roller shutter – meaning the motor needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Have you tried all the above common roller shutter problems but still have problems?

Fix: In terms of prevention regular servicing (which we do) will identify the need for a motor replacement before a motor problem occurs. Please contact us if you believe you have a motor problem and we will resolve it for you.

We Help You Prevent Common Roller Shutter Problems

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  • Servicing
  • Maintenance, and
  • Annual Inspection Checks

To ensure your Roller Shutters are always functioning well, in great condition, and seriously reduce the risk of roller shutter problems arising in the future.

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