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New Advances in Roller Shutter Safety: Water-Film Cooling Technology

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Roller Shutters are some of the best choices for fire protection and security in general in buildings – However, there’s an

Because traditional steel shutters lack resistance to heat. So when exposed to fire, they become hot and emit heat radiation and this can pose a risk to occupants.

To address this issue, researchers have started exploring water-film cooling. 

This solution can significantly improve the heat resistance of Roller Shutters. Thus, enhancing their fire protection capabilities. 

In the coming paragraphs, we’ll be talking about water-film
cooling and what the fuss is all about!

What is Water-Film Cooling?

This involves creating a thin layer of water on the surface of the Roller Shutter slats.  This water layer will then acts as a barrier against the intense heat of a fire. Thus, effectively cooling the shutter and preventing it from reaching hazardous temperatures.

To understand further, the concept is very similar to how water cools down a hot surface, like when you spray water on a heated pan.

How Does Water-Film Cooling Work?

Successful water-film cooling is dependent on the right application. 

So, researchers have started experimenting with two methods:

● Applying water film to the unexposed surface of the shutter slats.

● Applying water film to the exposed surface of the shutter slats.

Research, however, has shown that the “unexposed surface” approach is less effective. 

This method caused issues such as splashing and excess steam generation. These issues made it unsuitable for practical applications.

Luckily, the “exposed surface” method was very promising. When the researchers installed two rows of perforated pipes in the roller box and directly sprayed water on the shutter slats, a stable water film was formed. 

This water film easily covered the shutter surface, lowering the temperature to approximately 100 °C even with a fire. Additionally, the Roller Shutter’s heat-resistance period could last more than 2 hours.

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Applications and Benefits

Applying water-film cooling to the “exposed surface” of the Roller Shutter brings some significant benefits. 

The most important is the ability to resist intense radiation during a fire. It also has a good fire resistance rating, no matter the side of the Roller Shutter that is exposed to the fire.

Additionally, water-film cooling is highly cost-effective when compared to other heat-resistance methods. These other methods include heat-resistant paint coatings or multi-layer non-combustible fiber curtains.

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Advancements in Roller Shutter Safety

At first, water-film cooling focused on protecting glass panes from fire damage. However, as stated in this work, researchers successfully tweaked this technology to improve the safety of Roller Shutters.

As experts continue to explore various design parameters, implementing water-film cooling systems in Roller Shutters may revolutionise fire safety in buildings, especially in areas prone to fires. 

Keeping Roller Shutters at safe temperatures during fires will greatly reduce the risk of injury to occupants and property damage. 


Water-film cooling technology has a very promising solution to improve the heat resistance of traditional steel Roller Shutters. 

It shields the Roller Shutter from heat and radiation and is also

There’s more work to be done, but the potential for advancements is there. This will greatly increase the peace of mind of occupants and property owners are intangible.

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