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5 Little Tricks To Increase Your Roller Shutter LifeSpan

If well maintained, your relationship with your Roller Shutter should last longer than you can imagine or expect. 

The maintenance of a Roller Shutter does not have to be the all-out dismantling and servicing types. Most times, you simply need to do some minor actions to get your Roller Shutter running like a song.

Now, let’s see some little tips and tricks that cost no money but to help you get your roller shutter going forever.

1. Check the balance and alignment

A well-balance Roller Shutter will stand rigid and parts of it won’t be flying out anytime soon. To confirm this is very simple you just need an eye test.

First, open your Roller Shutter up to the very top. Step back from the roller shutter for a few feet and look at the edges. 

Repeat the step in with the Roller opened halfway and with the Roller Shutter almost closed. If one side is higher than the other, then the Roller Shutter is not balanced.

For electronic Shutters, simply, call a professional.

If it’s a manual Shutter, look for the obstructions and remove them. Then, gently ask your friend to hold one side and try to pull or push the other side to an equal level. If it doesn’t work easily, something might be broken, call a professional.

A professional service like Roller Shutter People can get it fixed in hours while giving you tips on how to avoid the hassle next time.

2. Oil the joints And Dust regularly.


Just in case you missed it the first time, always oil the joints of your Roller Shutters because they are moving parts and they need minimum friction. An unoiled Roller Shutter is prone to jamming and breaking.

Also, make sure to dust your Shutter. Even if you regularly grease and oil your Shutter. Dust can congregate in those joints and reduce the effects of your greasing, causing parts to wear, jam and break.

Wipe off the dust, grime, and dirt gathering on it at least once a month. This will serve as a good way to observe the Shutter, note the changes, and correct them before they cause serious damages.

3. Do Not Use Grease By Yourself

There is a CAVEAT here because some old Roller Shutters use grease and it helps them work well. We also grease some parts like bearings to avoid rust. 

The trouble here is that grease is prone to sticking and attracting dust and other small particles that might jam the shutter. 

When greasing and oiling your Roller Shutter, make sure not to add too much or too little. You can buy a can of spray oil at a local store to lubricate the joints. 

If you’re not sure how much you need the first time, call a professional like The Roller Shutter People to help out. We will also teach you some tricks and answer questions specific to your Shutter.

4. Wash Your Shutter.

Depending on the intensity of the dust condition, you should wash it between four to six months of regular use. This will give it a renewing sheen and also keep your shutter long-lasting.

You can blast it with water if it’s an industrial and non-electronic Shutter. Wipe down electronic Shutters with warm soapy water while carefully avoiding water getting into the electrical parts.

5. Finally, ALWAYS service your Shutter.

There is regular maintenance you can run on your Shutters every month, and quarterly. Like oiling. Please do those.

 On the other hand, there is a bit more complicated maintenance that professionals do at least twice a year. 

Always remember to schedule the appointment to keep your Roller Shutter in perfect condition. At Roller Shutter People, we send you reminders to do your servicing when you buy from us.

If you do the five above-listed tips, you shouldn’t expect to have any troubles with your Roller Shutter for many years to come. Enjoy your Roller Shutter.



Remember, easy DIY fixes are better and cheaper than waiting till your Roller Shutter is so bad, you have to get professional help or a new installation.

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