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Are Roller Shutters Great for the Winter Season?

It’s no news that installing Roller Shutters is not only quite trendy but equally functional, whether in homes or business spaces.

 Apart from the solid security they provide, they are durable, long lasting and transforms your space, giving it a face lift with the aesthetic appeal they provides. 

Roller Shutters also provide protection from unwanted ambient noise and light.

However, it is understandable, and even advisable to consider fully what a Roller Shutter offers you, and if it’s falters seasonally. The question we ask, and answer in this article concerns the usefulness of Roller Shutters in winter seasons.

If you are getting a Roller Shutter or considering getting one, you may have wondered if the thickness of the Roller Shutter surface is allows you to keep warm in your house when it gets very cold outside. 

How do Roller Shutters fare against the snow, ice, blizzards, rain, and other weather phenomena?

The short answer is that Roller Shutters work GREAT in WINTER and all other seasons.

Roller Shutters are indeed capable of protecting you against the weather elements. During winter season, your Roller Shutter serves as a barrier between your interior and the outside. 

The Roller Shutter keeps the heat inside, preventing heat from getting out while also preventing the outside cold from getting in.

Your Roller Shutter will also protect you from outside heat during the hot summer months. Roller Shutters prevent about 90% of the heat or cold from getting inside or outside. This makes them useful all year round, regardless of the weather.

How Do Roller Shutters Keep The Heat In and The Cold Out?

Apart from insufficient or improper house wall insulation and use of insufficient insulation materials, other reasons you house may get cold include roof, wall door leakages, and the windows! 25% of uncontrolled heat loss in homes can be affiliated with the window.

Roller Shutters, however, are made from high quality aluminium alloys with polyurethane cores which provide adequate insulation, reducing the heat that would have been lost through the windows in the cold winter weather.

With the ability to protect you from the elements as they provide adequate insulation and prevent heat loss, installing a Roller Shutter not only provides the security, comfort, privacy and aesthetics you want in a personal home or business space, Roller Shutters also save you a ton of money on heating and electricity.


The answer to the question of whether Roller Shutters are great for winter seasons is YES.

However, Roller Shutters are great for more than just winters.

They are functional and elegant additions to improve your home design and security and this is regardless of the weather or its elements.

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