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How to Stop Your Roller Shutter From Shaking on Windy Days

So, you’ve installed your Roller Shutter and are enjoying the protection and style it brings. All of a sudden, you notice a rattling sound. This problem usually doesn’t just occur randomly. There is always an underlying cause. Typically, this could be a sign of an issue with your Roller Shutters.

In the coming paragraphs, we will explore what could cause the rattling sound and how to fix it.

What is causing your Roller Shutter to be shaky?

The first possible cause is windy areas. Areas that are prone to strong winds usually put a strain on the Roller Shutter, causing some parts to become weak.

For instance, the spring tension of the Roller Shutter could become unbalanced. Thus, if you know your home is located in a windy area, don’t be too surprised if you hear a rattling sound after a while.

Another possible cause for the rattling sound is loose parts. This loose part could either be as a result of high-speed winds or a lack of maintenance of the Roller Shutter.

You should know that these pieces of equipment don’t fix themselves, so you ought to ensure the parts are properly lubricated and cleaned regularly.

Finally, the age of the Roller Shutter could be another cause. As father time comes for us, it comes for the Roller Shutter too.

The effects of the elements on the Roller Shutter can compound over time and weaken it, causing the shutter to become loose and shaky.

Stopping your Roller Shutter from shaking on windy days

Now that we have pinpointed what could cause shaky Roller Shutters, how do we stop it?

Do regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is one of the major ways to stop your Roller Shutter from shaking unnecessarily.

As time passes by, it weakens your Roller Shutter, but frequently taking out time to maintain the Roller Shutter can go a very long way. So you can find an issue before it worsens and fix it from the onset.

You can check the gears, slats, and bars and ensure they are fastened properly and not damaged. Also, lubricate the areas that seem to be losing lubrication.

You can do this overall maintenance every 3-4 months.

Consult a professional

If you do regular maintenance work on your Roller Shutter, but it still comes down with rattling, you should consider calling a professional like us to help you.

The advice of an expert would be beneficial in diagnosing the major issue and preferring solutions.

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