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Sound Proof: Can Roller Shutter Prevent the Noise?

There are several places where noise could come from in your homes, such as neighbours, cars, parties, winds, and yard work. For some people, this is enough reason to go and install a Roller Shutter. However, do Roller Shutters really prevent noise?

In the coming paragraphs, we will delve into this topic properly.

Do Roller Shutters block out noise?

Yes, Roller Shutters block out noise when installed. However, it is not that simple. They can reduce the amount of noise that can get into your house, but sound can still enter through other means.

Therefore, you’ll need to use Roller Shutters with extra soundproofing measures to truly block out noise.

A cool aspect of using a soundproof Roller Shutter to reduce noise entering and leaving your home is that it is inexpensive when compared to soundproofing measures such as walls.

How to effectively reduce noise with Roller Shutter

You can put a silicone sealant between the wall and headbox of the Roller Shutter for optimal noise reduction.

This action can significantly reduce air gaps which is the main passageway where noise enters homes. Thus, always ensure your Roller Shutter is installed by a certified professional like us!

You should know that since Roller Shutters can reduce noise by up to 80%, they can significantly reduce stress levels.

After a stressful day at work, when you come home, you would want to be greeted by peace and quiet.

Reasons to choose Roller Shutters apart from noise reduction

Protection from Elements is Assumed with Roller Shutters

Heat insulation

Roller Shutters can block up to 70% of the sun’s radiation from entering a home. This feature is very helpful during the hot days of summer. Also, during winters, your Roller Shutter can keep up to 60% of the heat in your house from leaving—ultimately saving you on energy costs.

Weather protection

Bad weather, such as heat waves, hail storms, and windy days can damage your home.

However, when you have Roller Shutters, your home is protected. This is because the Shutters protect your glass from flying debris, intense heat and any other issue that may cause damage.


Roller Shutter give your home a huge amount of privacy because it controls the amount of light you allow into your house. So, if you want your room completely dark or want sunlight to flood your space, you can choose.


To ensure your Roller Shutter is efficient in its noise reduction, you have to choose good quality shutters, ensure that they are installed properly and purchase noise-acoustic Roller Shutters.

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